Oh my god.  My childhood.  It’s……….yes.

Maurice too?!?! Wow

bgcsthinker asked:

My point is I see the system useless to the majority of bronies who are going to Bronycon. I know it's an option, but we're bronies and the convention is there for us to socialize our new friends of the fandom. I'm sure you have a different point of view of the badge system. Ps: I can't go to Bronycon because I don't have money.

equestria-faily answered:

Well even if it’s useless to the majority and only 4% of the people there use it, it’s worth it to help out those few people.   Hell I’m thinking of using it… it’s not always easy for me to approach people and sometimes I just kinda wanna be alone… so I can see myself using the yellow one… it’s much easier to talk to someone I actually know.

sorry you don’t have the money though.  Maybe you can go next year









the system isn’t really for the majority.

it’s for the people who may have trouble dealing with larger crowds or are socially awkward.

it’s really a simple way for people who may not be comfortable talking with crowds of people they don’t know to indicate as such.
I personally think it’s a great idea, and I’d like to see it implemented at other conventions too (not just brony cons, I’m talking cons in general)

I know several people personally who would greatly appreciate a system like this, and if it was available at a local convention, they would actually use it and attend. 

I ran the idea past my wife (who has aspergers) and her first response was “it’s better than that idiot idea for a badge that says ‘grab my boobs’”.

She got it straight away of course. It’s for thiose times when you’re overwhelmed by the sensory input and have to try and cut it out as much as possible. In that situation you don’t want people coming up and trying to talk to you simply because you won’t be able to process it in any rational or effective way. The results aren’t pretty.

She thinks it’s a great idea, though she wouldn’t wear them herself. Some sort of stubborn swedish lutheran pride I guess.

You know what this is gonna do? It’s gonna make people targets. They are gonna make themselves targets for every person at the con to pester them, talk to them, and just make snide comments. It’s a labeling system much like the yellow Star of David.

the implication of course, is that bronies are too scummy to have even a basic level of respect for people.

which i guess we already knew, so whatevs.

The implication of course, is that people have no respect for people. I’m not a brony, and yet I would still pester the dreaded red circle dumbasses if I saw them out in the streets. It doesn’t matter if they’re at bronycon or are walking down fifth avenue. They are labeling themselves as weak.

This is what happens when bronies try to do a nice thing and help out those who might have trouble in crowds at their con.  If any other convention had done this, they’d be getting praised and patted on the back by tumblr.  But because bronies did it first, obviously it’s a bad thing that’s going to do this and that… and these accusations are based on jack fucking shit, just whatever the poster feels like spewing at the time to make himself feel better about his or herself.

Labeling as “weak”… gimmie a break.  Nice to know I”m considered weak because I have a condition that makes it hard for me to talk to people. 

Nah, you’re just a loser.

Anti bronies and their amazing augmentative skills!

This is why I disagree with this. I don’t like the idea of them labeling the disability brony because they will be make fun of. And as a guy who grew up around students who has disabilities (I have language and speech impairment) it is wrong to do so. Will I use the badge system? No. Will I stop people from using the system? No. Why? If it helps them during Bronycon, then who am I try to stop them from using it. The badge system may not work for me, but it will work for others. If anyone wants to target them as “weak” or any related words, they shouldn’t be even be at Bronycon. Instead, report them to the authorities. They would know not to discriminate the disable. All I can say is that my viewpoint of the badge system is changed. I have told equestria-faily and poniesforparents about it. That’s all